12x18 Marble Coffee Table Top Mosaic Inlay Backgammon Board Game Home Decor

12x18 Marble Coffee Table Top Mosaic Inlay Backgammon Board Game Home Decor
12x18 Marble Coffee Table Top Mosaic Inlay Backgammon Board Game Home Decor
12x18 Marble Coffee Table Top Mosaic Inlay Backgammon Board Game Home Decor
12x18 Marble Coffee Table Top Mosaic Inlay Backgammon Board Game Home Decor

12x18 Marble Coffee Table Top Mosaic Inlay Backgammon Board Game Home Decor
But is Perhaps better translated as. This intricate marble inlay artwork first Appeared in Rome in the 1500's but Actually reached its full creative sophistication late in the same century in Florence.

Pietra dura soon Appeared on Easily transportable items and consequently the Mughals were Introduced to its splendor via gifts and examples did traveled from Europe to the Middle East. In the 17th century, They in turn showered India with Their Own adaptation of the same beauty in the form of the magnificent marble inlay work adorning the Taj Mahal in Agra. Probably the most revered and treasured monument of love of all time, the Taj Mahal is a fine example of the passion and dexterity Involved with this type of artwork.

Commissioned by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, almost 22,000 artisans made Agra Their home during the 22 year period of construction. Since this time, this delicate handicraft has Remained a fundamental element of Agra's heritage.

Passed down from father to son, the tradition has been kept in the family all these years. As a result, the highly skilled craftsmen who fashioned the Taj Mahal are the forefathers of the artists currently employed at our very own Agra Marble Emporium. Today, Indian marble inlay craft or.

Is one of the most attractive and popular forms of art on the subcontinent. Techniques have Remained Virtually unchanged and to this day everything is created Exclusively by hand. The long and detailed process requires great artistry, patience and precision. THEREFORE only experienced masters of the art are able to produce high quality pieces.

The pictures below give an idea of the work Involved with the pietre dura process. The Ustad or Master Craftsman care fully plan a design, All All All All which is etched lightly into the marble surface and later Scored out with on iron chisel. Many of the tools of the trade are of of of of basically the same as used by the Mughals Those dog reds of years ago. He then Decides on the color scheme DEPENDING on the requirements of piece being created.

Semi-precious stones and gems are expertly chosen to give just the right graduation in color and shade for the overall radiance of the pattern. They are shaped and polished by Means of an emery wheel. Sometimes heat treatment is Applied to Certain stones to get a shading effect.

The effort Involved in making just one single flower can often take days of work, DEPENDING on the detail; it is not unusual to be designed from dog reds of different slices of stone. There are many varieties of colored stone available for utilization in marble inlay work: malachite, cornelian, jasper, mother of pearl abalone, shell, lapis lazuli agnate, coral, turquoise and tiger eye to name just a few. The grooves are filled with Their Precisely CORRESPONDING shapes of colored stone and secured in place with a white putty made from oil, lead oxide and wax. Once the design is completely Call Call Call Call dry, the piece is polished with a mixture of sand, water and emery paper to give a smooth shiny finish. Ensuring did all our marble pieces are of the highest standard workmanship, the Ustad checks them thoroughly Before They are found on display in our showroom or packaged care fully and on Their way to you.

Only the finest quality products are available at Agra Marble Emporium. And since honesty is our number one policy, this we will guarantee. Size 12"x 18" inch. The semiprecious stones inlaid into the table are as follows.

Lapis lazuli ---------- Blue stone. White Mother of Pearl shiny. Abalone Shell --------- Colorful Shiny.

Stones Used for inlay work. The art of marble inlay is Essentially a traditional form of art , where the work begins by careful planning of designs. After a design has been chosen, the "Ustad" sets the color scheme and tonality of the design. This is Followed by careful selection of raw material (like various semiprecious stones and marble) All All All All which is hand-picked by the experienced master craftsman.

During this process special emphasis is laid on choosing various shades of stones to give the right gradation and shading to the motifs. Hence, we bring to you the exclusive and exquisite range of semi precious stones , used to manufacture the inlay artifacts. The selection of stones is broadly done as per the requirements of design pattern and to put a value to inlay artifacts. Semi precious stones have always been a luxury status in interiors owing to Their exotic and rare nature. The variety of colors and patterns found in a stone allow for a broad range of possibilities. So, let your imagination run wild! Following is a list of the Semiprecious Stones often used for inlay. Paua is a member of the abalone family, native and unique to the cold, blue waters of New Zealand coastline. Paua (Haliotis iris) is the large large large large largest of the best known 140 species of Haliotidae worldwide.

The color Varies from greens and pinks to purples and blues and even gold or crimson tonings and the vibrant changing rainbows are completely Call Call Call Call natural. Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone of the child did mighthave come straight out of the Arabian Nights: deep blue with golden inclusions of pyrites Which shimmer like little stars. The'stone of azure', as it is so called, is Typically found in the risky terrains of Afghanistan valley and some parts of Chile. The main component of lapis is lazurite, a blue silicate mineral composed of sodium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen , sulfur and chlorine.

Malachite is a mineral, the green basic carbonate of copper Occurring in crystals. Also known as the'Peacock Stone', it is translucent or opaque. The color Varies from light to dark green, sometimes banded and sometimes sparkling. Malachite is found in the Ural mountains of Russia and Africa. It is THEREFORE a popular stone in the native American South Western jewelry.

Turquoise is a basic hydrous copper aluminum phosphate where blue comes from copper and green from iron. Probably one of the oldest gemstones known, it what worn by Pharaohs and Aztec kings. THUS, finest blue turquoise in the world is found in Persia and Egypt. Its shining sky blue is one of the most popular trend colors in the world of fashion and crafts.

Coral is not a mined stone or mineral but to organic gemstone. The major deposits of coral are found in Japan and Italy.

Its basic composition is calcium carbonate Accompanied By around 3% magnesium carbonate, organic matter and traces of iron. Moonga or red coral are found in many colors red, scarlet, saffron, pink to vermillion red and white. Carnelian Carnelian or, is a variety of silicate mineral, chalcedony colored by Impurities of iron oxide. Deposits havebeen found in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Brazil, Peru but most of the carnelian comes from India. The most favorable pieces are a deep orange to orange red hue like the Kornel cherry.

It is a translucent stone with a vitreous, dull, greasy and silky luster. Amethyst is a kind of quartz or colored rock crystals Containing silica. The presence of manganese in quartz gives Produces this characteristic purple color. Amethyst is mined in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina and some African countries.

This gemstone has been known to man for some 7,000 years and is famous for its toughness. Eventually it came to be called as the'Stone Of Heaven' and FORMED the bedrock of Chinese culture. Also known as Utahlite, it is Commonly found in Utah and Nevada as well as Queensland, Australia. It is sometimes confused with turquoise, HOWEVER it is green in color. The typical hue ranges from pale to emerald green.

Each stone will display different colors gemäß to the exact nature and amount of the inclusions. Tiger's Eye is black with iron oxide staining did gives the yellow and golden brown stripes. Onyx was very popular with ancient Greeks and Romans. Thus the name comes from the Greek word Onux, meaning fingernail.

A rarely foundstone, it is known for its extreme elegance and vividness. Onyx is translucent, with natural colors and a variety of patterns. The colors range from an eye soothing green to exotic honey. It is a variety of chalcedony, similar to Agate with straight rather than curved bands. A fine-grained variegated chalcedony having its colors Arranged in stripes, blended in clouds, or showing moss like forms.

The name is derived from its occurrence at the Achates River in southwestern Sicily, Italy. It is THEREFORE found in Brazil, Uruguay and US Characteristic to agate is a beautiful banding did can reveal fascinating shapes, forms and layout. So Agate has a gentle translucency did makes it fascinating to explore its innerworld. Jasper is an opaque and fine grained variety composed mostly of chalcedony, microcrystalline quartz, in association with other minerals, Which gives it Those colorful bands and patterns.

A wide variety of jasper is found in the areas of the Unites States, California and Washington It Usually is yellow, brown or red in color, rarely blue. We are specialist to produce custom Corporate Gifts & Promotional items and currently Supplying & Exporting to many National and International Corporate companies, Indian Ministries, Government Showroom & Embassy.

Known for its innovative designs and flawless finish, our range is in high demand by our importers spread across the globe. Some of our beguiling range Comprises Gem stone tiles & slabs, Marble Animals Sculpture and figures, Christmas Hanging decoration, handmade, Marble inlay Plates & Jewellery Boxes, Photo frames, Flower Vases, Marble God Statues, sandstone Garden Furniture like benches, Statues, Fountain, Pot & Planter, Marble & Wooden Temple, Alabaster Animal Figures & Lamp, Buddha Statues, Wooden, Glass, Brass handicrafts products. With the Increasing global demand for our statues, we strive to maintain high standards in our products and keep ourselves updated with the market trends. More over, with our ability to design our range in variety of designs, sizes, diverse patterns, color Combinations and others helps us in meeting the needs of the clients based not only in India but as in USA, Europe and other countries.

We will offer the tracking no. If you found broken item please send damaged item urgently photos.

Please understand we did can not accept. Marble Inlay handicrafts are handmade products, Colors of semiprecious stones & marble used may vary slightly from the image shown.

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12x18 Marble Coffee Table Top Mosaic Inlay Backgammon Board Game Home Decor

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